TruLife Diasec Acrylic Prints

Fine Art and TruLife Lumachrome Acrylic Prints

TruLife Diasec Acrylic PrintsFine Art and TruLife® Lumachrome Acrylic Prints
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When looking for fine art to display in a home or office there are many options to choose from. One of the primary decisions to make is what type of artwork should one choose. In the genre of fine art landscape and nature photography, there is a seemingly infinite amount of photographers out there selling prints. Among them, the visual quality of images varies considerably. Some are newcomers to photography or hobbyists with limited technical skills and artistic vision. While others have spent their entire lives studying art and honing their style and techniques.

After choosing the artwork the next decision is what style of print is most suitable for the space. There are many different types of prints available, but basically, they fall into two categories. First, those that do not need frames and are ready to hang. These prints are canvas wraps, metal, and acrylic. Second, are loose paper prints that will need a mat and frame to display. Nearly every photographer selling prints labels them as Fine Art. But that alone does not guarantee the print is of the highest quality.

Some photographers chose to sell their images through one or more of the many Print-on-Demand Art Marketplace websites. Through sites like these, a photographer can sell low-cost prints with minimal effort involved. The drawback here is that the artist has little control over the printing process and the materials used. Mostly there is no input or feedback from the printer to the artist, with files being printed “as is”. The end print is not a unique work of art, and the appearance may differ widely from the original. And finally, the print may ship to the customer in flimsy packaging prone to damage.

Fine Art Metal Prints

A Better Approach to Fine Art Prints

My Photography and Fine Art Prints however are on the other end of that spectrum. I’ve devoted my entire life to landscape and nature photography. It’s what I do, period. And I’m constantly working to improve my vision and techniques. To that end, many photos seen on this site are the result of returning to a location or subject multiple times over the years. And then, critically processing, and editing files, to match a previsualized image.

But my passion doesn’t end there. I strive to distinguish my prints as truly Fine Art by carefully selecting the appropriate styles of presentation and using the highest quality materials and fine art printing services available.

All of my prints can be considered individual custom works of art. Every print begins with me preparing the file for the size and style chosen by the customer. This is because unlike Print-on-Demand companies one size does not fit all. For example, a file for a 40×60 acrylic print needs to be adjusted differently than that for a 20×30 photographic paper print, or a canvas wrap.

The printer I use for all my work is one of the best in the country and specializes in working closely with artists of all mediums. They use the best materials available and employ master printers with years of experience. Their attention to detail also doesn’t stop with the print. They also have dedicated craftsmen making custom crates to ensure that prints will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

And finally, all of my prints come with a specially printed and signed Certificate of Authenticity and which will designate between Open Editions and Limited Editions. Throughout this process, I’m always in touch with the customer. All of this ensures that your print will be a unique investment and one that can be proudly displayed for years to come.

Fine Art Metal Prints

Fine Art TruLife® Lumachrome Acrylic Prints

Among the several styles of prints I offer, the TruLife® Lumachrome Acrylic print has a visual impact like no other. While paper prints with a double mat and frame have a timeless classic look, acrylic prints are the ultimate print for a high-end contemporary presentation.

There are other acrylic prints available at a lower cost, but once again they may not be the best option. Normal acrylic is subject to glare, delamination, abrasion, damaging UV rays, and more.  However, TruLife® Lumachrome Acrylic prints are not vulnerable to these flaws.

I am proud to be able to offer such an outstanding option for displaying my images. But of course, it is up to the customer to decide which style of prints is most suitable for their chosen space. For the other styles available please refer to my Fine Art Photographic Prints page.

TruLife Diasec Acrylic Prints

Special Holiday Print Offer

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Also, remember that during the holiday season turnaround times can be longer. Acrylic, Metal, and Canvas can take up to four weeks to produce. So make sure to order early.

Stanley Basin Sawtooth Mountains Idaho

New Additions Sawtooth Mountains

New Additions Sawtooth Mountains

Morning clouds mirrored in still waters of Sawtooth Lake. Sawtooth Mountains Wilderness Idaho New Additions Sawtooth MountainsSawtooth Lake Idaho  #65960  Purchase

The first group of new images from my Rocky Mountains photo tour is now online and ready to view. Click this link to view them. This selection represents the first leg of my trip, the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho. It includes photos made during three separate backpacking trips into the most spectacular backcountry locations in the Sawtooths. Sawtooth Lake, Baron Lakes, and the famous Alice-Toxaway Lakes Loop. Also among this group are images from Little Redfish Lake and meadows of  Stanley Basin. Both of these locations yielded some great images on this and previous visits.

Twin Lakes Sawtooth Mountains New Additions Sawtooth MountainsTwin Lakes, Sawtooth Mountains Idaho  #66185  Purchase

The Sawtooth Mountains backcountry has been on my must photograph list for many years. They were on the schedule last year, but due to widespread wildfires and smoke I had to cancel the shoot. This year, however, provided ideal conditions for an extended stay. And I took full advantage of it. In addition to there being no fires or smoke, several passing summer storms provided beautiful evening and morning light. Perfect conditions for landscape photography.

After I complete editing and processing all the images from the rest of the trip I’ll return to the beginning and write detailed posts about all the locations I photographed.

All images are available as fine art prints and for commercial licensing.

Next group of new images coming soon: Wind River Range Wyoming

Stanley Basin Sawtooth Mountains IdahoStanley Basin, Sawtooth Mountains Idaho  #65828  Purchase

Milky Way over Baron Lake Sawtooth MountainsMilky Way over Baron Lake, Sawtooth Mountains  #66011  Purchase

Geometric patterns in drying mud, Alvord Lake, a seasonal shallow alkali lake in Harney County, Oregon

Minimalist Photography Gallery

Lake Superior Whitefish Point, Michigan Minimalist Photography GalleryLake Superior Whitefish Point Michigan #63785  Purchase

If you browse through my website you’ll see that I employ many different styles of photography. Likewise, I don’t like the idea of limiting myself to one method in photographing landscape and nature. Minimalist photography is one approach that has always inspired me. I love how a simple composition can tell a story.

Consequently, my archives of minimalist photographs continues to grow.  Therefore, I’m presenting a new Minimalist Photography Gallery showcasing this evocative style. Most of the images in this gallery implements elements of earth, sky, and water. In addition, in some photos high key lighting and pastel tones are used to complete the mood. Please take a look when you get a chance. Also, feel free to comment and share with friends and colleagues. Click here to view the gallery.

Lake Superior Whitefish Point, Michigan Minimalist Photography GalleryLake Superior Whitefish Point Michigan #63784  Purchase

What is Minimalist Photography?

Minimalism uses empty spaces, colors, patterns, textures, and shapes. These simple elements properly composed can bring focus to subject. This alone can often be enough to convey a concept, or elicit an emotional response.

Visual noise in today’s world increases every day. Images overwhelm us with color, patterns, and information. And they are constantly bombarding us at breakneck speed. All of this can leave a person with a feeling of mental exhaustion. On the other hand, minimalist images can offer a relaxing break from our increasingly stressful world.

Lake Superior Whitefish Point, Michigan Minimalist Photography GalleryLake Superior Whitefish Point Michigan #63803  Purchase

For example, the healthcare industry often displays minimalist artwork  in their facilities. Simple shapes and tones can bring a calming atmosphere to anxious patients. In addition, businesses are also recognizing this benefit. Many offices also use minimalist artwork to relax stressed employees, and increase productivity.

All of the images in this post, and gallery, are available as fine art prints. They are also available for commercial and editorial licensing.

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Lake Superior Whitefish Point, Michigan Minimalist Photography Gallery Lake Superior Whitefish Point Michigan #63785  Purchase

Alvord Lake Oregon Minimalist Photography GalleryAlvord Lake Oregon  #60974  Purchase

Redfish Lake, Sawtooth National Recreation Area Idaho Minimalist Photography GalleryRedfish Lake Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho  #56206  Purchase

Minimalist Photography Gallery



BW Photo Highlights 2018

BW Photo Highlights 2018

Dandelion seed head BW Photo Highlights 2018#1  Dandelion Seed Head  #62460bw   Purchase

Following up on my Photo Highlights 2018 post I’m presenting BW Photo Highlights 2018. It’s always a difficult task to select around ten of my favorite images from the past year. This year I wanted to include some black and white photos in the main group. However they looked somewhat out of place among the other color images, and I felt they need to in their own separate group.

As in Photo Highlights 2018 please feel free to vote or comment on your favorite photos in the comments section, I’d love to hear from you. Also, if you enjoyed these images please share this post with friends family and coworkers. Finally, all of the photos are available as fine art prints and commercial licensing, just click on any to see purchasing options. I hope all of you have a new year filled with peace, prosperity, and joy!

Lake Superior Whitefish Point, Michigan#2   Lake Superior at Whitefish Point Michigan  #63780bw  Purchase

Lake Superior twilight Whitefish Point, Michigan#3  Lake Superior at Whitefish Point Michigan  #63803bw  Purchase

Lake Superior seen from beach at Whitefish Point Upper Peninsula Michigan#4  Lake Superior at Whitefish Point Michigan  #63784bw  Purchase

Fort Casey State Park, battery bunkers.#5 Battery Valleau, Fort Casey State Park, Whidbey Island, Washington  #62126bw  Purchase

Bunker stairs Fort Casey State Park, Washington.#6 Fort Casey State Park, Whidbey Island, Washington  #62120bw  Purchase

Lady Fern#7 Lady Fern (Athyrium filix-femina) Faux Polaroid  #62428bwp  Purchase

Lady Fern BW Photo Highlights 2018#8 Lady Fern (Athyrium filix-femina) Faux Polaroid  #62463bwp  Purchase

Elakala Falls, Blackwater Falls State Park #9 Elakala Falls, West Virginia  #63340bw  Purchase

Upper Tahquamenon Falls Michigan#10 Tahquamenon Falls Michigan  #63825bw  Purchase

Elliot Falls Pictured Rocks Michigan.#11  Elliot Falls Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Michigan  #63933bw  Purchase

Whatcom Peak North Cascades National Park

Whatcom Peak North Cascades National Park

Whatcom Peak North Cascades National ParkWhatcom Peak North Cascades National Park #61501  Purchase

Recently while filling an order for a client I came across a couple of images of Whatcom Peak North Cascades National Park in my archive that caught my attention. Both photos are from last year’s trip to Whatcom Pass in North Cascades National Park. Both are also good examples of what may be called pre-visualization and post-visualization.

Pre-visualization is being able to view a subject in the field and visualize how it may appear in its final form. Post-visualization, my own term, is fulfilling the vision during processing. Many times I have images in my files that haunt me in a way. Meaning I remember the pre-visualization, but I’m not seeing the processing solution to make it appear. However they keep catching my eye, beckoning me to keep trying.

In the field both of these images struck me as having all the elements of a compelling photograph. I also new at the time how they should appear in a final print. However, after initial processing and editing none of that pre-visualization came out. As a result I assigned them a lower ranking in the archive.

Whatcom Peak North Cascades National ParkWhatcom Peak North Cascades National Park  #61502  Purchase

Achieving the solution is sometimes only technical in nature. Other times it’s of a creative nature, or of course a combination of both. In this instance it’s the latter. Although I’m quite happy with the results you see here, it’s possible I’m still short of the original vision. In the future I may rethink the processing. Maybe they need just a tweak, or maybe something completely different. It’s all part of the creative journey.

To see more images from this trip read my two part blog, Whatcom Pass Tapto Lakes, North Cascades National Park.

All images are available as fine art prints, or for stock licensing. Feel free to comment on this post and share it with friends and colleagues. Thanks for visiting!

Whatcom Peak North Cascades National Park

Lady Fern

Black and White Nature Study

Black and White Nature Study

Lady Fern Black and White Nature StudyLady Fern #62430bw   Purchase

This past month I’ve been working on a black and white nature study, which so far includes ferns and wildflowers. These are subjects I’ve always enjoyed photographing. Getting in close reveals wonderful patterns and details that aren’t always apparent in a quick glance. In the coming months I hope to add more images of a variety of natural objects to this group.

Spring is a great time of the year for photographing plants and flowers. For the most part the flowers fronds and leaves are fresh and undamaged by the elements. Although it is not apparent in these images, the colors are also very vibrant.

Dandelion seed head Black and White Nature StudyDandelion Seed Head  #62460bw   Purchase

In this series I’ve processed the images in two fashions. The first is my standard method of applying a duotone to the image. This gives it a look and feel somewhat like selenium toning a traditional silver gelatin print. Having worked extensively with traditional film based materials I work to carry that look into my digital processing.

Digital Polaroid Type 55

The second method of processing seen in some of the images is a faux Polaroid/Antique look. When I was photographing with a large format view camera one of my favorite films was Polaroid Type 55.  Sadly this film is no longer in production. However, die-hard fans can find some outdated packages on Ebay, sold at a very high price.

Lady Fern Black and White Nature StudyLady Fern #62463bwp   Purchase

Lady Fern Lady Fern Black and White Nature StudyLady Fern #62461bwp   Purchase

Since most people may not be familiar with this product a brief description is in order. Polaroid Type 55 film contains both a standard print and negative in the same peel apart package. Photographing with this film also requires a specially designed holder. The holder facilitates both exposure in the camera and developing the print negative. A darkroom is not needed for  processing. However, you must treat the negative in a fixer solution afterwards.

Aside from the convenience of instant developing without a darkroom, photographers loved the printing qualities of the negative, and the always unique border the negative has. It is this negative pattern that I am digitally incorporating into these new images. The second part of processing these new images is to use a textured overlay and a warm sepia tone.

Bunchberry and Oak Fern Black and White Nature StudyBunchberries#62467bw   Purchase

All of this comes together in a style which I plan to incorporate and expand on in future images. I hope you enjoy them, and of course feel free to leave comment, or purchase prints!

Lady Fern Black and White Nature StudyLady Fern  #62431bwp   Purchase

Lady Fern Black and White Nature StudyLady Fern  #62432bw   Purchase

Oak Fern Black and White Nature StudyOak Fern  #62452bwp   Purchase

Black and White Nature Study