Lake McDonald Glacier National Park

Photo Highlights 2020



Photo Highlights 2020

The infamous 2020, it’ll go down in history as the year everyone, including me, wanted to bludgeon to death, and bury in the molten core of the earth where it would be incinerated into oblivion. Yes, it sucked beyond belief, all the way to its ugly end. Let’s all get down on our knees and pray 2021 will be better!

Despite all the endless lows I’m sure there were a at least a few high points for everyone. For example, during the spring lockdown Coleen and I got to do a bit of virtual traveling by binge watching a bunch of British Drama shows on Britbox. After watching Shetland we began to dream of visiting that hauntingly beautiful part of Scotland! Also, we were able to complete a load of long overdue home improvement projects. So all was not lost.

The photography part of the year was certainly very memorable for me. Since most of my subject matter takes me to remote wilderness areas I was able to get out and photograph while respecting safety guidelines. So let’s dig into some of my favorite photos made in 2020.

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Whatcom Falls Bellingham Washington Photo Highlights 20201.  Whatcom Falls Bellingham Washington  #68412  Purchase

Shore Acres State Park Oregon Photo Highlights 20202.  Blue Hour at Shore Acres State Park Oregon #68598  Purchase

Shore Acres State Park Oregon Photo Highlights 20203.  Shore Acres State Park Oregon #68501  Purchase

Shore Acres State Park sunset, Oregon Photo Highlights 20204.  Sunset at Shore Acres State Park Oregon #68579  Purchase

Shore Acres State Park Oregon Photo Highlights 20205.  Shore Acres State Park Oregon #68560  Purchase

Eagle Cap and Mirror Lake Eagle Cap Wilderness Oregon6.  Mirror Lake Eagle Cap Wilderness Oregon #68794  Purchase

Sunset storm clouds Bridger-Teton National Forest Wyoming#7  Sunset Wind River Range Wyoming #69049 Purchase

Mud Volcano Yellowstone National Park#8  Mud Volcano Yellowstone National Park #69423  Purchase

Lake McDonald Glacier National Park#9  Lake McDonald Glacier National Park #69738  Purchase

Boulder Pass wildflowers Glacier National Park#10  Boulder Pass Glacier National Park #69970  Purchase

Subalpine Larches North Cascades#11  Subalpine Larches North Cascades National Park #70206  Purchase

Liberty Bell Mountain North Cascades#12 Liberty Bell Mountain North Cascades #70526  Purchase

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Photo Highlights 2020