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Gold Bluffs Beach, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park Artist Statement & BioArtist Statement

I am a photographer specializing in landscape and nature imagery. My intense passion for our natural world has led me on a lifelong journey to explore and photograph all aspects of our dynamic environment. With my camera I actively search out subject matter as diverse as classic grand vistas, to the smallest details, and ever changing moods in nature.

Throughout this journey I strive to gain an intimate knowledge of my subject matter. My belief is that only through this understanding can I then create images that speak to the viewer, helping to bring to them a deeper appreciation of the world we are all a part of.

To this end I will often return many times to a location in varying conditions to build on my understanding of its personality. A successful image can sometimes only be realized months, or even years, after I initially tripped the shutter. The correct processing for a subject isn’t always apparent at first. As with physically returning to a location, I will often revisit an image in my files with new insight to complete the final visualization.

Artist Bio

Alan Crowe found his lifelong passion for nature during childhood fishing trips to Northern Wisconsin. Acquiring his first camera in high school he became enthralled with all aspects of the photographic process. Later while studying painting and printmaking at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he realized his future path was creating images of the natural world through photography. 

Residing with his family in the scenic Pacific Northwest town of Bellingham Washington, Alan is surrounded by the inspiring subject matter he loves. All his outdoor activities, such as hiking backpacking and skiing, are seamlessly blending into his photographic art.

After photographing and honing his skills for many years with demanding large format film cameras, Alan now works exclusively in digital format. His fine art prints are currently in demand by interior designers and corporate art buyers. For use in health care facilities, hospitality, corporate offices, and residential venues.

In addition, his images have been widely published throughout the world. They have been used in advertising campaigns, product design, and tourism brochures, books, magazines, and calendars.

Some of Alan’s clients include: National Geographic, Apple Computer, Patagonia, BBC Travel, Rand McNally, Sierra Club, Audubon, Alaska Airlines, Brown Trout, Washington Tourism, New York Times, Microsoft, Wild Apple Graphics, Backpacker Magazine, Sierra Press, Montana Tourism Department, Arterra Art Consultants, Best Western Hotels & Resorts, CHI Franciscan Health

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