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Fine Art Office Installation

Fine Art Office Installation

Recently I had the opportunity to work with a local interior designer to provide  fine art prints for a local investment company. Jody Kennedy at Kennedy Interior Design asked me to provide images as part of the office remodeling project. After selecting five images with a Pacific Northwest theme we chose metal prints to match the clean contemporary theme of the offices. The client was very happy with the results. And as you can see here the prints add a warm modern and professional look to the offices.

Fine Art Office and Employees

Aside from making offices more attractive to visitors fine art helps make for a more productive environment. Artwork in offices can also reduce stress and improve morale among employees. Because of this an attractive work environment can also help reduce employee turnover. And in today’s stressful work environment of long hours that is a big plus for employers. Businesses are routinely requiring staff to work anywhere from 8-12 hours a day six to seven days a week. Workplace burnout is a now a growing problem throughout the world.

Some business may be unwilling to spend thousands of dollars in what may be considered frivolous decorations. However, if artwork boosts productivity and sales by a considerable percentage, and retain employees, then it can be viewed as a wise investment. Compare the cost of artwork versus the cost of constantly hiring and training new employees. In the long run artwork is a much cheaper option. In that light an investment in office artwork is a big win for businesses.

Fine Art prints for offices

Artwork Clients & Branding

Additionally, think of the impact artwork can have on office visitors. Will a client be inclined to do business with a company whose offices are plain and unwelcoming? Or will an office with a warm modern design and thoughtful artwork incline a client to look favorably on the business?

A modern interior design with tasteful artwork communicates to your clients that your business takes pride in its appearance. It shows the business not only care about its employees but also its clients. In addition artwork puts the visitor at ease by bringing back fond memories and experiences. It can also help break the ice in an important meeting and have the client communicate more freely.

Artwork and interior design can also be a valuable extension of a businesses branding. A business can choose art that matches and enhances its external branding like marketing and websites, while building on its character and mission statement.

If you would like to see how our photography can help enhance your offices contact us for a consultation. We can help select a group of images for your design project, and choose the appropriate style of prints. In addition to fine art prints we can also license our images for branding and marketing.

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Fine Art Office Installation