Black and White Nature Study

Black and White Nature Study

Lady Fern Black and White Nature StudyLady Fern #62430bw   Purchase

This past month I’ve been working on a black and white nature study, which so far includes ferns and wildflowers. These are subjects I’ve always enjoyed photographing. Getting in close reveals wonderful patterns and details that aren’t always apparent in a quick glance. In the coming months I hope to add more images of a variety of natural objects to this group.

Spring is a great time of the year for photographing plants and flowers. For the most part the flowers fronds and leaves are fresh and undamaged by the elements. Although it is not apparent in these images, the colors are also very vibrant.

Dandelion seed head Black and White Nature StudyDandelion Seed Head  #62460bw   Purchase

In this series I’ve processed the images in two fashions. The first is my standard method of applying a duotone to the image. This gives it a look and feel somewhat like selenium toning a traditional silver gelatin print. Having worked extensively with traditional film based materials I work to carry that look into my digital processing.

Digital Polaroid Type 55

The second method of processing seen in some of the images is a faux Polaroid/Antique look. When I was photographing with a large format view camera one of my favorite films was Polaroid Type 55.  Sadly this film is no longer in production. However, die-hard fans can find some outdated packages on Ebay, sold at a very high price.

Lady Fern Black and White Nature StudyLady Fern #62463bwp   Purchase

Lady Fern Lady Fern Black and White Nature StudyLady Fern #62461bwp   Purchase

Since most people may not be familiar with this product a brief description is in order. Polaroid Type 55 film contains both a standard print and negative in the same peel apart package. Photographing with this film also requires a specially designed holder. The holder facilitates both exposure in the camera and developing the print negative. A darkroom is not needed for  processing. However, you must treat the negative in a fixer solution afterwards.

Aside from the convenience of instant developing without a darkroom, photographers loved the printing qualities of the negative, and the always unique border the negative has. It is this negative pattern that I am digitally incorporating into these new images. The second part of processing these new images is to use a textured overlay and a warm sepia tone.

Bunchberry and Oak Fern Black and White Nature StudyBunchberries#62467bw   Purchase

All of this comes together in a style which I plan to incorporate and expand on in future images. I hope you enjoy them, and of course feel free to leave comment, or purchase prints!

Lady Fern Black and White Nature StudyLady Fern  #62431bwp   Purchase

Lady Fern Black and White Nature StudyLady Fern  #62432bw   Purchase

Oak Fern Black and White Nature StudyOak Fern  #62452bwp   Purchase

Black and White Nature Study

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